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Hello and welcome to MafiaEternal's Official Blog. This Blog can and will tell you many things about MafiaEternal. Here are the details all put together. Welcome to MafiaEternal, a free turn-based game based on the real mafia lifestyle. The game is fully browser based so you won't need to download or install anything, and it works on anything with an internet connection.

In MafiaEternal, you can form a criminal organization in your image, own casino's, or be a one-man criminal syndicate. Create your reputation with no concern for the law, but don't expect it to come easy. Respect has a price, and it’s measured in blood.

MafiaEternal requires both strategy and social skills, and allows you to team up with, and compete against hundreds of other players from around the  world. With so many ways to make, invest, steal and hide your money, there are countless ways to the top in this action packed world.



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Mysterious Packages

23/10/2012 18:23
Mysterious packages has now joined MafiaEternal! With this you can earn credits, money, diamonds...

Human Trafficking

23/09/2012 18:21
Human trafficking has now joined MafiaEternal! With this you can earn lots of credits,money and...